Cumbria Farm Environment Partnership is an independent advisory service providing quality practical advice to farmers in Cumbria on nutrient planning, nature conservation and agri-environment schemes.

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About Cumbria Farm Environment Partnership

Cumbria Farm Environment Partnership provides professional advice to farmers and land mangers in Cumbria. Between us we have over 20 years experience at advising farmers on environmental regulations, funding opportunities and conservation.

Formed in 2012, Cumbria FEP takes forward the ethos of the former Cumbria Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group as a farming organisation that advises farmers on how to integrate environmental and conservation measures into the farming business.

Paul Arkle

Paul has a strong background in farming and over 18 years’ experience as FWAG Team Leader in Cumbria and the Northwest. Paul can provide management advice on a wide range of lowland and upland farmland habitats, nutrient management and resource protection, cross compliance and grant schemes. He provides advice to individual farmers and farmer groups including commons. He has considerable experience of giving advice on the full range of agri-environment schemes open to farmers and landowners, as well as environmental regulation. He can also undertake protected species surveys including as part of planning applications.

Paul is the Cumbria Coordinator for the Campaign for the Farmed Environment

Paul is a Chartered Environmentalist and a Full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. He is also a member of the BASIS Professional Register (Fertilisers), FACTS no R/FE/3751 and a licensed Bat worker (WML-A34 – Level 2 -Class Licence)

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