Free event:

FREE EVENT: Managing farmland to support birds 

Wild bird seed mixture- wide

10:30am – 1:45pm


Sewborwens Farm, Newton Rigg College, Penrith. CA11 0AG



This FREE event will include:Farm walk around Sewborwens Farm, Newton Rigg to look at and discuss measures in place to help farmland birds and game under HLS and CFE, including the choice, location, establishment and management of conservation and game cover seed mixtures.
  • Introduction to farmland birds and their habitat requirements
    (Seumus Eaves – Farmland bird specialist)
  • Winter feeding of farmland birds and CFE voluntary measures (CFE)
  • Selection, establishment and management of conservation crops and sources of grant aid to support them (Tim Nicholson, Natural England)
  • Game and conservation measures at Newton Rigg (Staff from the Northern School of Game & Wildlife, Newton Rigg College)

Followed by – FREE Lunch and indoor presentation.

Booking required – please contact Paul Arkle or  Telephone:07713 333165

Please bring outdoor clothing and suitable footwear

Free Tea/Coffee and Lunch will be provided

This event is funded by the  

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